Ball Screw Type 

Ball Screw Lead: 5/10/16/20(mm)
Maximum Speed: 250/500/800/1000(mm/s)
Maximum Payload (Horizontal):110/88/48/40(kg)
Maximum Payload (Vertical):33/22/10/8(kg)
Rated Thrust: 1388/694/433/347(N)
Stroke Pitch :50-500 / 50 pitch (mm)

*when the stroke is over 300 mm,the run-out of the ball screw will occur . We recommend to low down the working speed under this circumstances.
*Operation life is 10,000Km when the product is using under the specified conditions.
*Data information is not for ceiling-mount inverse use. Contact us for the details if you want to apply ceiling -mount inverse usage.



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